3 Million Moments of Excitement and Sports Joy

It’s been less than 2 months since we launched TeamSnap Health Check free to all users and we have officially administered over 3 million screenings. 

That’s 3 million times that a child had the chance to do what they love. Be around friends and teammates that they care about. And get a small glimpse of normalcy. 

It shows the resilience in the sports community as a whole. You know how important sports are to your members and what it means to them, and even as new challenges arise, we’re blown away at how organizations and teams across North America are supporting a safe return to play. We admire how you’re putting health and safety first while still supporting players to get back to what they love. This is a post to celebrate those 3 million moments and the people like you who have helped make those happen. THANK YOU. 

What’s your return to sports story? 

We’ve been hearing about these moments of excitement and joy from club admins, coaches, players and parents. They’ve shared with us what returning to sports means to them, and the stories are inspirational. So much so that we want to hear your story. What have those moments of joy meant to you and your players? 

Getting started with Health Check

If you’re already a TeamSnap customer, make sure you and your members have the latest version of the TeamSnap app on your phones.  

You will then see the new Health Check section on the Event Details Screen in the mobile app. Make sure to communicate any new processes you want your participants to follow prior to attending a practice or game. 

If you’re not currently a TeamSnap customer and want to set up your sports organization, request a live demo of our platform. Or if you’re looking to create an individual team account, you can sign up here.

Anand Patel is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at TeamSnap. He gets to soak up the beautiful Southern California sun every day and make his coworkers very, very jealous. 

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