Questions about background checks? We have answers!

Last week, we sat down with our friends at Checkr to talk about background checks on the TeamSnap platform. We covered everything from background check basics to ordering and picking the right package (if you’re interested, it’s available on demand).

Unsurprisingly, you asked a lot of great questions. While we didn’t have time to cover them all during the session, we’ve compiled them into the short(ish) Q&A you see below.



The Checkr account setup asks what our monthly volume will be. How would we estimate monthly usage when we only run checks pre-season for about 2-3 months per year? What if we run 200-300 annually?

Checkr asks this question in order to understand how to better meet your needs as a new user. You can use your monthly totals during your usual screening window or average everything out per month. Whichever feels like it best reflects your needs.

And it doesn’t mean you can’t run a background check whenever you need one! So, whether you run all your checks in a single month or spread them throughout the year is entirely up to you.


I’m based in Canada. Can I order background checks?

At this time, our integration with Checkr is only for US residents. We hope to add other countries in the future, so check back often!



How often should I run background checks?

More governments are taking action to require frequent background screening for employees and volunteers who work with children. While these provisions may not exist in every state, it is a good idea for organizations that work with children to implement similar re-screening policies every 12-24 months.


Is there an additional charge for ordering background checks? Or is it part of our TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues subscription?

As a TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues customer, you have the option to add background checks to your package/subscription. Because every organization’s needs are different, we set it up so you simply pay for the screenings you need, when you need them. No monthly or annual minimums. And we’ve negotiated exclusive prices with Checkr to get you the best value.   


What are the differences between the Core and Complete packages?

The Core package includes a county search for the candidate’s most recent county. The Complete package includes county searches for every county the candidate has lived in for the past seven years. 


Is there a way to order background checks automatically, say when a coach registers? And can we do it for all of our coaches at once?

At the moment, all background checks need to be ordered one at a time under the Members tab. 

If you’re looking to order screenings in bulk, you can export your registration and go directly to Checkr to order up to 25 screenings at a time by importing a file into their platform. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that if you requests screenings from Checkr directly, the results will not be integrated with TeamSnap. You’ll need to manually update the status in TeamSnap once the screenings are complete.


Is there a way to have my members pay for their screenings?

Currently, only the organization can pay for background checks. If you’d like members to pay the fee for their screening, you can send them an invoice via the Invoicing tab.


One of the first steps was selecting names from a list. How does that list get created? Do admins add potential volunteer names first?

Yes, you would need to add your candidates to TeamSnap first, then order your preferred screening.


Can we change the primary administrator later?

Yes, you can add as many administrators as your organization requires. We recommend at least two to ensure you always have an admin who can access the account.


Can you select each package per background check, or is that something you select during the initial setup?

It’s per screening, so you can choose the package that best fits the role every time. 


Let’s say you order a background check and it goes into Suspended mode. If you have to request it again after the seven-day period, do you have to pay the fee again?

In order for a screening to be suspended, it means the candidate has accepted the invitation and started the background check process, but some information was found to be missing or unable to be verified.

At this stage, Checkr will reach out to the candidate and as soon as the information is corrected or confirmed, the process will resume as normal. However, if there is no response within seven days, the report will be closed and you would have to order and pay for a new report. You can always reach out to [email protected] to extend this timeframe if needed.



Once they complete their background check, how can my coaches see their check?

They can log in and request a copy of their background check and/or view their status at Checkr’s Applicant Portal:


Who has access to see the status? Would a head coach be able to see the status of the assistant coaches and volunteers on his/her team?

Permissions to view the status of background checks are determined by roles. You can define which users are able to see the status of reports based on what is appropriate for their roles.

  • User: Can only view reports. This role is appropriate for your staff who provide candidates with updates on their background check.
  • Requester: Can access, send and monitor invitations to initiate background checks. Can view reports. This role is appropriate for recruiters who initiate background checks.
  • Adjudicator: Can adjudicate reports, engage candidates, send pre-Adverse Action notices to candidates and view reports. This role is appropriate for your adjudication staff.
  • Admin: Can manage all of the above, invite new users, access billing information, view analytics dashboards and update account and screening settings such as the positive adjudication matrix. This role should be limited to core members of your team.

You can find out how to set permissions and read more about this on Checkr’s help pages:



And for anyone with additional questions about background checks, there are a couple resources we’d like to share.

Visit the TeamSnap Background Checks FAQs

Visit the Checkr Help Center

Or send questions to [email protected].


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