Feature Friday: How To Use TeamSnap Invoicing

TeamSnap helps organizations streamline and simplify their payment and invoicing process. This Feature Friday, we’re going to dive into how TeamSnap Invoicing works, how to utilize this product, and how it will make you and your staff’s life much easier.

TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues is trusted by 25m users, 19k organizations and has a 95% customer satisfaction rate. Now, part of the reason for such a dedicated user group is because of the features that make this product best-in-class. When it comes to invoicing and payments it can be one of the most daunting tasks for any sports organization. If registrations are all over the place chances are so is the process for invoicing and collecting payments. Have no fear, TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues offers a true all-in-one club and league solution for these exact pain points.

Here’s how TeamSnap Invoicing works

First you have to figure out if you are issuing a team-invoice or an organization-invoice. Don’t worry, TeamSnap has solutions for both.

Create Team-issued Invoices (web)

TeamSnap’s invoicing feature allows administrators to set up team fees that can be assigned to one or many members of the team.

  1. Click Invoicing tab
  2. Click Send New Invoice

Create Organization-issued Invoices (integrated payments)

TeamSnap’s invoicing feature allows organization administrators a way to set up additional fees outside of registration. These can be assigned to one members or many members within the sports organization.

This process allows any items that are billable to be set up in addition to regular registration fees. This saves you time!

  1. Click Invoicing tab
  2. Click Send New Invoice 

If you are wondering more one-by-one steps to setting up invoicing, check out our FAQ page!

How To Best Utilize TeamSnap Invoicing & Payments

If you want to save time and get time back, this is your nudge to get set up with invoicing! Invoicing doesn’t just stop at collecting payments, this feature also helps you track payments and collect fees directly into your bank account in less than 2 business days!

You can invoice anyone, too. It isn’t always the parents that you need to invoice. There could instances that you need to invoice coaches after a tournament or coaching course, team managers or even players. You can set this up directly in the app and then they will receive notifications that prompt them to pay directly through the TeamSnap app.

Safety and security is a top priority and our online transaction system is secure and PCI compliant.

If your club, league or association is using TeamSnap Invoicing, we’d love to hear how it has helped your organization. If you need help getting started with Invoicing, check out our TeamSnap Invoicing Overview.

Here’s How TeamSnap Invoicing Can Help YOU!

Tournament fees, uniforms, mid-season get-togethers, you name it. It costs money and sometimes collecting it all feels near to impossible. TeamSnap’s Invoicing Feature helps you manage invoicing in one place; it’ll help you get paid in time, improve your record keeping and minimize risk for your organization. No hounding and no headaches. Easily keep track of who still owes, who’s paid, when they paid and how they paid through the app. Set up an invoice, choose who it goes to and let TeamSnap do the rest.

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