5 Hacks for Better Spring Sports Videos

You may have been using TeamSnap Live! and Fantag this winter to record sports like hockey, volleyball and basketball, where there is a natural middle area such as center court, or center ice. But spring is now in full swing—and sports like baseball and softball can sometimes be more difficult to shoot, since they don’t offer a central area to set the camera. Here are some game-ready ways to solve that and more, to keep your sports videos on point.

Recruit for multiple angles:

Ask other parents or friends to shoot video from other angles, to score multiple views. Sometimes plays can look great from different angles, and you can more closely see specific actions. For example, with sports like baseball or softball, recording from behind home plate could provide wide angle shots of the batter and entire game. Yet if you place a camera near first base, you could more closely capture excellent footage from the infield and outfield plays, not to mention, all the close plays at first base.

Get Creative:

Sometimes finding atypical spots to shoot from can create visual interest, and make your videos even more fun. For example, try shooting from the dugout, and you may get some interesting soundbites from the team.

Go for Clips:

Use natural breaks and rest periods to stop recording. It will make it much easier for you to find big moments later on when you’re watching your videos. (You may even save some of your battery.)

Use a Tripod:

Steady video can make all the difference when watching your recordings, especially when you use them as a training tool. If you’re new to recording games, or simply don’t have the steadiest hands, a small tripod and phone clip can significantly improve the quality of your footage

Integrate with TeamSnap Live/Fantag Video

Sharing footage is everything, especially when shooting from multiple angles, analyzing play, or simply enjoying the winning moments. Share the best highlights from your game in your TeamSnap Live chat room right from your TeamSnap app. To do so: Open your event, navigate to TeamSnap Live and tap the video camera icon. This opens a video recording screen that allows you to record and tag instant highlights by simply tapping the purple button. These highlights are sent back to your TeamSnap Live chat room for everyone on your team to enjoy. For more information on how to use this feature, watch this video for more on how to use this feature.

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