Everything You Need To Know About Running Background Checks for Your Youth Sports Club or League

Background checks are imperative to running a successful and secure athletic program. This especially applies to youth sports, as minors are involved. Having a secure staff screening protocol gives families the security they need when it comes to allowing their kids to participate in athletic activities. Whether you are a sports organization or an individual seeking a leadership position, it’s important to understand the background check process. These commonly asked questions and answers are sure to guide you in the right direction as you optimize the security of your sports club or league. 


How much does a background check cost?

TeamSnap partners with Checkr to provide sports organizations screening packages that fit their individual needs. Keep in mind that your reports may be subject to third-party access fees such as county and state court access fees, employment/education verification fees, and DMV access fees. Checkr notes that roughly 10% of counties charge a fee when accessing criminal records. 

The pricing of background checks ranges from $8.00 for a Basic Background Check (National Criminal Search, Sex Offender Search, SSN Trace, Global Watch List) to $22.00 for a Complete Background Check (County Criminal Search, National Criminal Search, Sex Offender Search, SSN Trace, Global Watch List). Background check payments are typically absorbed by the issuing organization. At times, the individual partaking in the screening process may be asked to cover the cost via an invoice. If you are an organization, be sure to give applicants a heads up if you intend for them to pay for the background check process.


How long does a background check take?

The average industry turnaround time is 3-5 days for most background checks. This specific period varies depending on factors such as candidates’ geographical location, county courthouse operations, and the depth of the search criteria. It is ideal to anticipate up to two weeks for the background check to fully process. 


What information does a background check require?

Background checks require the client to provide their individual personally identifiable information (PII). This basic criteria includes:

  • Full name (including middle name)
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Current zip code
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Certain screenings require additional identifying information such as motor vehicle reports, employment verification, and international criminal checks. Prepare to provide other documentation such as your driver’s license, passport number, or highest degree earned. 


How often should I run background checks?

Security screenings are not just a once-and-done process. The frequency of background check administration is an important factor in the ongoing safety of athletic groups. More and more governments are taking action to enforce more regular background screenings for employees and volunteers working with children. Sports organizations and individuals in leadership roles should expect background check re-screenings every 12-24 months. As a youth sports league, it is essential that background checks are closely monitored and regularly re-issued for each employee or volunteer. This helps grant participating families peace of mind and ensures an optimal environment for kids to enjoy their favorite activities. 


Does your youth sports club or league need an integrated background check solution? Check out TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues and our partner integration Checkr, which allows sports organizations to manage background checks from one centralized location for all members within their organization.

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